Ajay Mathur sounds like a perfectly fascinating gentleman, with a background that’s enough to whet the curiosity for what sound exactly would such an artist be tempted to create.

Indian by birth, now based in Switzerland, Ajay’s work is a strike across a plethora of media forms. Music, videos, and books are all things Ajay commonly features alongside each other, and having had a life in which he met The Beatles in India, and jammed with Page & Plant, it’s very reasonable to expect a lot from his music.

So what is Talking Loud? Talking Loud is accompanied by a vinyl, a video, and a children’s book. At heart, Talking Loud is a Funk Rock song that’s packed with light humor, fantastic production, and ripping performances across the board. A solid beat and bassline lay down the foundations of a solid consistent groove, and on top of it are multiple layers of overdriven, jangly, and funky guitars. A horn section plays infectious riffs and a guitar solo in the middle is an absolute killer. Everything is so well engineered and put-in-place, Ajay’s songwriting and singing are perfectly implemented, and the overall vibe is catchy and groovy.

Ajay Mathur’s artistic approach is altruistic and wholesome. His music is simple and fun. Accessible and suitable for kids, Talking Loud is the children song no one will judge you for dancing to.