With 24 years of experience, numerous releases, and loads of awards and billboard charts up his sleeves, indie artist John Taglieri dropped his latest single Talk to Me on the 18th of August 2023. Painting the picture of “a relationship trying its best to survive” as described by Taglieri, “Talk to Me” is a heartful, relatable tune that’ll find its way to your “Favourites” playlist. Let me tell you more about it. 

John Taglieri‘s warm guitar and soothing voice will get you instantly hooked right from the intro of Talk to Me. His acoustic arpeggios and atmospheric effects set the perfect mood, while he cleverly created a smooth build-up leading to a catchy chorus that boosts the song’s energy and refreshes the listeners’ attention. Talk to Me has an engaging sound with an entertaining dynamic structure that reflects Taglieri‘s attention to detail and seasoned writing skills, it’s full of unpredictable twists and turns that perfectly use diverse elements to support its progression, producing a deeply emotional tune with irresistible catchy melodies that smoothly its message and powerfully resonates with the listeners. 

Talk to Me is a solid, well-written, and arranged tune by John Taglieri, it clearly shows his top-notch musicianship and well-knowledge of his sound and direction. Looking forward to more from John Taglieri, keep on rocking man. Cheers!