With his diverse influences and unique way in blending them all together creating his own mix, Australian artist Stefan West is set to release his first single Take What You Need on the 1st of September, as the lead single off his upcoming debut Cambridge. Drawing inspiration from his life experiences and struggles,  West teamed up with Aaron Schembri who wrote the song’s lyrics and Chris Gatz at GM Sound Studios who took over recording and produced, resulting in a song that’ll make you all follow him marking your calendars for Cambridge‘s release. Let me tell you more about it. 

Stefan West opened Take What You Need with a powerful drum break and a killer bluesy melody, promising a rocking tune ahead. West‘s warm guitar tone and fluid groovy melodies created a beautifully mellow flow, his style reminded me of Dire Strait‘s Mark Knopfler in the way he wrote those multi-layered riffs and played them. Take What You Need has an ever-changing dynamic structure with organic seamless shifts that’ full of surprises like that awesome brass section, it’s groovy flow that’s led by West‘s expressive vocals takes the listener smoothly on an enjoyable energetic journey, definitely leading to the addition of Take What You Need to their “Favourites” playlist. 

Take What You Need perfectly demonstrates Stefan West‘s energy and top-notch writing skills. He managed to create a solid structure that kept the song’s colourful sound and mood growing, producing a catchy uplifting piece that deserves a lot of spins. Looking forward to more from Stefan West, keep on rocking. Cheers!