American power pop pioneers Iridesense release a new song in eight years, “Take Some Action” not only marks an amazing musical comeback and came at the perfect timing too…for the November 2023 election day.

“Take Some Action” has the key to its storytelling in the song’s name…and yes, we need to take some action and be proactive, not just only for the election, but this needs to be the mindset with which we live our lives…always be on the front of proactivity.

The band says ‘ With Election Day here, there’s no better time to take action”…100%.

Iridesense put a lot of musical power into their latest song and it shows…

…from the first seconds, we knew we were in for a ride of our lives…

…powerful drums beats…with a pop attitude, guitar riffs with a punk attitude…and vocals that go through the whole pop-punk musical spectrum…the whole energy for this song is absolutely upbeat, bright, and just powerful!

Iridesense was formed on Long Island, NY in 1993  by brother and sister Rick Eberle (Vocals, Guitar) and Tara (Eberle) with Drouin (Vocals, Bass), Rob Viccari (Lead Guitar) and Rich Drouin (Drums).

Their music can be heard on the Nickelodeon shows “Zoey 101” & “Drake & Josh”.

They’ve also been featured on MTV shows such as “Pimp My Ride”, “Room Raiders”, “NEXT”, “Boiling Points” and most recently in the internationally acclaimed motion picture “Finding Sandler”.

Iridesense’s “Take Some Action” is a powerful punk-pop fusion that has some instantly catchy vocal melodies, an upbeat and powerful rhythm that really moves the body, and excellent musicianship that takes the whole genre to another level.

…an instant musical hit.

We wish Iridesense all the best and can’t wait to hear more and more from them…we’re absolutely thrilled.