Ta7t El Sefr is a new seven-member Arabic rock band, which just released their two singles; the first is ‘20 CM’ which we reviewed here, there was even a music video for the song which was a success, and the second is ‘Sokoot’ and they are the only releases by Ta7t El Sefr.

‘Sokoot’ – which translates into Silence – is a pretty good song, and the music is amazing on many different levels and moods.
The intro is so beautiful and deep with the pure strong sound of violins with Keyboards that was deep and pretty impressive actually.
The lyrics in this track isn’t as good as the music and kind of worn out and easily expected.

Lyrics need to carry more powerful and stronger meanings and expressions, as if you had such music explained by the right type of words you might have a hit.
The middle solo is moderate and the vocals are cool, so as drums which matches with the song’s theme well.

Concerning the vocals, Tiko needs to be more flowing with the words because some words seemed hard to figure. He needs to clarify his pronunciation of the words more, apart from the vocals, everything else are very beautiful especially in the intro and outro.

I really believe that the outro is simply the best part of this song. It’s so deep and completely meaningful! It had both a great emotional and physical vibes. It’s like a background music of a dramatic battle in a field of wounded hearts, it has a very epic scene in my mind and I wish it was longer than 1 minute; I liked it so much more than any other part of the song.

Concerning guitars, the first solo was meaningless or at least was meaningless compared with the second one’s meanings as if the second solo deliver the meaning, the first solo couldn’t.

By the end of this review, I’d like to say that ‘Sokoot’ captured me way more than20 CM did, which tells me, that the band is evolving and improving.
That was a wonderful job by the band and wish they can keep up with this level and progress to a better sound.


Edited by: NJ Bakr