Ta7t El Sefr, the Egyptian Arabic Rock band has just released a new single from their upcoming album titled Ma Tegy Nemshy– Which translates into Let’s Have a Walk?
Ta7t El Sefr consisted of seven members a couple of months ago, but they’re now only five after the departure of the Violinist Muhamed Sami and Percussionist Kamal Nessim; also they replaced their vocalist Tarek “Tiko” El Sherbiny with Hakeem Kamal.


It’s the first single released with the vocals of Hakeem Kamal and it’s actually promising, the vocals change added to the band’s style and genre. The vocals made it more flexible and could blaze a trail for the band’s elements to smoothly jump from genre to genre however in different tracks or within the same track.

The track is not very close to a progressive rock track, it may sound progressive rock at the beginning but as soon as the keyboards play its tunes, it shifts the genre away from progressive rock but it’s no sooner and the track is a progressive rock track once again and keeps shifting till the end of the track; I think it’s very cool actually for the band as it is very interesting to play several types of tunes in the same track, only creative ones do that. Moreover it was a bit risky but I liked it much actually.

Lyric-wise; the band needs to improve their writing, their lyrics aren’t so powerful, as the first verse says “Ma tegy nmshy, nmshy b3ed w nbd2 tany mn gded w ad7k mn alby w ab2a sa3ed, ma tegy nmshy..2alo 3lya walad 3aned 7wlya nas laken wa7ed” which translates into “Let’s walk, walk far away and start all over again so I can laugh so hard and be happy, Let’s walk! They said I’m a stubborn kid, surrounded by people yet lonely” The lyrics are amateur as if the lyricist improvised and immediately wrote what he has improvised and didn’t go through thinking about what he wrote and thought if the lines matched or not! They cared about the rhyming not the meanings and chose weak and corny idioms, which made it, sound very corny at the beginning. However, they enhanced their lyrics’ level in the second verse and it was so much better than the first one.

This track needed a solo, an inspirational solo would’ve been better for the track. But I think they released this single which lacks solos to excite their listeners about what the album they are about to release may sound like..

If my assumption are true, then they could excite me.

I guess we all will wait for their releases in the few next weeks.

Edited by: Bishoy Nader