Ta7t El Sefr is a new seven-member Arabic rock band, which just released their first single ‘20 CM’.

Let me introduce you to the members of Ta7t ElSefr:

Tarek El Sherbiny (Tiko): Vocals
Mark Samer: Keyboards & Piano
Mohamed Ayman (Taher): Lead Guitars
Ahmed Weaam: Bass Guitars
Mario Samer: Drums
Muhamed Sami: Violinist
Kamal Nessim: Percussion

Though it’s the band’s first release they’ve decided to make a music video, while most of the bands hold the music video process until it feels like the right time. But when I asked their reason their reply was:
“This whole video thing was a very happy coincidence. There was a project applied arts students, at the university I attend, to do a video for an underground band, and one of the most brilliant art students which is Reem Ossama listened to our song and she liked it. She then contacted us to do a video. As you mentioned, this is not a usual thing to do with beginners, so we thought it is a perfect opportunity to seize that chance, as it will definitely help us get the song out there as much as possible. We have had meetings with her to conceptualize the storyline and the video came out later.”

I’d like to present you both the video and song. Let’s start with the song;
The intro: The song’s intro is provocative, you know how are on a desert road, wearing sunglasses and a cowboy hat, boots and the air is blowing the rag on your neck? That’s how I felt or that was my vibe then, but it was all gone until the vocalist, Tiko hit me with his out of tune voice in the first words singing “Ana, Ana Ana.” But when the vocals progressed, it was so much better than it did when he started singing.
The lyrics are nice and it matches today’s routines. It’s convenient. However, I thought it was limited. Not just because they lines were small, but were also repeated. The first 2 lines in verse 1 were as the same in verse 2, I think they could’ve wrote it better.
The solo of the song was moderate, it wasn’t as brutal but not weak too. It was kind of satisfying.
As their first song, I think we would hear more about those guys in the near future; they’ve got game so to speak!
I’d rate this song with 5.5 out of 10 ‘cause of lack of lyrics and the solo’s moderation.

Let’s now check the video…
The video – to be frank – is relatively low. First of all it doesn’t show the actual meaning of the song. Besides there were worthless scenes that maybe were set just to fill the song’s length, not to prove or show an exact situation.
By the solo the video goes to show a teenage girl dancing ballet to the rhythms of the guitar on a dusty floor with junk furniture in the background. I couldn’t relate the scene to the lyrics of the song.
The footage of the band playing was pretty cool and that’s maybe what is best about that video.

Ta7t El Sefr may be one of the bands that you look at and say “I remember those guys when they were “Below zero” but look what they’ve got now!” – See what I did there?
Frankly and after all, I can hear the sound of art and fame in their music.
Good luck for you all.

Written by: Amged Mahmoud
Edited by: NJ Bakr