Detroit-based rockers Spyderhuff are back with the 8th song of their seven deadly sins-themed EP SIN7. Putting their mark on one of rock n roll’s classics, Spyderhuff decided to give the Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil a twist. So let me tell you how it goes.

Spyderhuff shook things up a bit in their take on Sympathy for the Devil, they boosted its sound to a bigger, guitar-driven one that turned it into a completely different song. The energetic drumming, rocking guitar licks, and groovy riffs added an entertaining dynamic layer to the song’s flow, while that powerful vocal delivery and crunchy bass added a touch of heaviness. Spyderhuff paid tribute to the original song by playing around its significant percussions and while almost everything else, all in a neat bright production that elevated the song’s dynamics and gave it a bigger brighter sound reflecting their own character and direction.

Symphony for the Devil shows Spyderhuff‘s dedication to creating their own sound and vision. Covering such a classic is a risky move that they boldly took, tweaking and steering everything in their way to serve their will and fulfill their end goal resulting in a unique sounding experience that adds to the original song. I’m always looking forward to more from Spyderhuff, keep on rocking guys. Cheers!