With strong shoegaze, post-rock influences and a psychedelic touch, the British rockers Shockpowder dropped their latest single Swimming in the Clover on the 28th of July 2023. Although founder Joshua Scurfield never did drugs, he is trying to represent his idea of the state of mind drugs put you into through Shockpowder‘s dreamy music. Let me tell you more about it.

Shockpowder opened Swimming in the Clover with a beautiful atmospheric riff that softly takes us to the verse, setting the mood for their chill spacious sound. These guys have an amazingly smooth flow with fluid heavily emotional riffs that force the listeners to stay hooked and focused, while their shoegaze sound and elements that have been dipped in psychedelia take full control of the song’s dynamics, setting an unstoppable streaming flow with perfect guitar tone and catchy irresistible groove. Swimming in the Clover has a very dynamic pace within its mellow flow, it has some heavy twists and turns that were cleverly written and incorporated into its solid structure in a very smooth way that maintained its vibes and mood intact. 

Swimming in the Clover is a well-written and arranged piece that shows Shockpowder‘s writing skills and well-knowledge of their sound and direction. They managed to create such an entertaining solid structure that’s filled with emotions and streaming melodies that slip into your mind making you put it on repeat. Looking forward to more from Shockpowder, keep on rocking. Cheers!