Jo Dolan

There’s a fine line between feeling nostalgic while living our lives and becoming stuck in the past, which causes us to postpone living. The London-based musician, Amie Jay, combines both feelings in her bittersweet, brand new single, “Sweet Nostalgia.”

“Sweet Nostalgia” will appeal to both Millennials and Generation Z. For Millennials, it reflects a longing for simpler times when life was slower, and time didn’t pass in a flash. And for Gen Z, their history is their adolescent years, which in most cases had fewer responsibilities, which meant they had all the time they needed, but now… Oh, now what they had back then is what feels familiar, and life is faster than light, and to do anything, you must keep running. Amie Jay summed up both generations’ conflict with the present and their nostalgic sentiments in one line when she said: “Walking down the lanes of all the memories, the present won’t accept me, it moves too fast.”

In “Sweet Nostalgia,” Amie Jay nailed creating a relatable single that paints the feeling of being held back to the past in a raw, lush lyricism, yet it doesn’t lean even a little towards melancholy, and that goes to Amie’s tender, merry, and vivid vocals, and the funky, pop, and 80’s disco influenced, euphoric tunes that make it hard to delve into sorrow and easy to swing while being hypnotized to recall the best past memories with no guilt attached.

“I’m twisting my neck trying to look ahead but I’m staring at the wreckage from the backseat.” 

That applies to music too, as from intro to outro, there’s a vintage vibe that reflects the message and emotions. The guitars, synth, and percussion create a rhythm that takes you under the disco ball, dancing to a melody that’s like dazzling light.

You sometimes feel that: “This town is full of sadness and the ghosts from way before that I adore.” But no matter how “Sweet Nostalgia” is, you’ve got to let go!

Listen to “Sweet Nostalgia” below to know that you’re not the only one who’s trapped, to feel good a little, to dance it out, and hope by the end, you decide to get rid of your ghosts.

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