The track has an incredible ’90s rock atmosphere. I loved his singing style so much. Also, the guitars here along with bass and drums and providing a distinguished charm for the whole track indeed. If you’re a fan of artists like Bryan Adams, Michael Bolton, and George Michael, definitely you love Barista’s music, especially it’s well-presented through a modern mix. Barista knows that his music isn’t the common trendy-pop style, still, he pointed out that it’s his main goal in a way or another “I am aware that it is not in compliance with the current trends and main music industry dynamics, but I also know there are many people like me out there with a taste in indie music and/or who miss hearing music with the body. Not craving for becoming a touring band, either; this is a studio effort- although Barista has held five live shows” – in my opinion, this quote returns to a real artist, not such shallow artists that we see nowadays! I highly recommend you listen to the rest of this volume as well the other ones of the ‘Open Sesame.’ By the way, you should know that the album has been recorded by mastful musicians including Simon Phillips on drums (Toto, Judas Priest, The Who, Tears for Fears, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Protocol), Jesse Siebenberg on guitars and keys (Supertramp, Kenny Loggins, Amy Adams), Brian Duffy on vocals (Guns’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Lady Gaga), and Lydia Salnikova on vocals (Kenny Rogers, BO). Enjoy! 

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Mena Ezzat