Kestrel palace are jamming their way to the rock gods in their new garage rock song ‘ Swan song, released from Manchester, UK on the 25th of November. This band is the solo project of. Bruno Rogelj, a singer and songwriter surfing the new wave of alternative indie. His influences come from Oasis, The stone roses, Nirvana and the eagles. Kestrel started his musical journey in 2021, alongside making a name on TikTok with his funny content mocking band fandoms. 

Angry, energetic and smelling of punk, this song is your new go to if you want to get all that hate and disdain out of your system. It is a tale of mockery that was inspired by a person with a huge ego Kestrel encountered in a party. You could really feel how much he detested the idea of him, and there must be somebody in our lives that will come to our mind when such feelings are injected into your bloodstream! The overall sound of the song is spicy and filled with hot emotions.You’d think the song would be fast because of the punk angels, but it’s actually slow which really soaks you up with that contagious hard rock sound. The musical arrangement is good, with a powerful electric guitar riff constantly on loop, drums and thrashy sound effects. The vocals are muffled somehow, charged with madness and sung in a playful and challenging manner. There are also subtle distortion sound effects.