This artist comes to us with an incredible voice and the talent of maintaining this throughout all his songs, “Zach Churchill” is making his music in L.A. making his rock/pop songs. He released the song that caught me in his creation more, “Surrender” which was out on the 15th of July, 2022.

Zach has a great deal of imagination in songwriting that he has his flows through in his music, the bass and drums playing that start the song as if you’re listening to a cool rock band that was in the early 2000s which got me nostalgic for some similar bands.

This song is about addiction, feeling down, and loathing yourself of an old memory that affects the mind and your well-being by destroying, and surrendering to those thoughts, however, stay courageous and face those thoughts with being brave that will change you to make you a believer in what can the future be held for you. “The past, it is real, and it’s living inside you. This pain, it can heal, you can change if you want to.”

Zach is a talented vocalist with a lovely voice he demonstrates in his music, he also, has his talented members that help produce this piece, “Tom Rasulo” is the drummer and producer, and “Chris” on the bass.

I admire Zach’s amazing accomplishments after being sober for 8 years he comes back with a lot of great and wonderful music that he can relate to with his listeners. This is a new era in Zach’s career in music and will extraordinary songs in the future that is worth waiting for!