An affectionate, punchy, and terrifically well-produced piece of pop has just been released by Michael Meaney, and it deserves a pause, a deep listen, and a good discussion.

Michael Meaney is a singer and a songwriter who is based in Los Angeles, and his latest release, titled ‘Supersonic’, has been written in collaboration with Joe Occhiuti, a fellow Los Angeles-based musician. What easily sets ‘Supersonic’ apart is its extremely high production value. The sound is just breathtaking. Defined, polished, and balanced, ‘Supersonic’ has a production job that really allows the song’s stripped-down structure and minimal melodic approach to shine.

With looped vocal motifs and simplistic melodies, the song uses the pristine, throaty bass tone, an endlessly tight drum part that punches heavily, and is loaded with 80s-inspired, hard-hitting fills, and a sparkling keyboard part that delivers the song’s few chords in beautiful voicings and rhythmic restraint. ‘Supersonic’ has a twisting bass part that sounds just too good to be true. Technically, and tone-wise, that bass line is a defining element of the song’s few core sections. A true pleasure to behold, and with that glistening keyboard sound and neatly produced drums, ‘Supersonic’ is a beautiful-sounding song.

Written about somebody whose lifestyle is totally different to our protagonist, who is in turn unable to keep up with them, ‘Supersonic’ has relatable lyrics and approachable music to go with the instrumental bliss. An essential piece of indie pop.