Artist Blueburst based in Atlanta, US, will release a joyful and grounding 80’s rock-charged song called ‘Supernova’, on the 17th of April. This is the second single from artist Craig Douglas, who is the vocalist and guitarist behind this musical persona. After 20 years of hibernation, Douglas decided that it’s time to create music again and make a mark on this earth before it’s time. 

Although this song speaks about death and the notion of enjoying your existence on earth with no regard to sharing whatsoever,  This song is the antidote to depression for real. With a positive tone and will send out light and love laced with passionate and emotive vocals, the overall sound of the song is really hopeful and uplifting, with lots of high energy from the music. The soundscape is a soft yet hard rock that has some undertones of ethereal vibes and definitely a friendly tone. The musical arrangement is rich and dynamic, with a hardcore bass line that shakes up the steady, medium-paced beat,  prominent cymbals, intense rock drum set,  intense and playful solo drum sets for transitions, beautiful and mellow electric guitar riff. You also have some orchestral kind of vocal humming that adds texture to the song. Add this song to your playlist for a fresh rock mood.