When I close my eyes, clear my mind, and enjoy a tune as if time had stopped, I know it’s great! That also applies to enjoying the sunshine, and some fresh air (wherever and whenever you are). Allan Corby merged these two beautiful blessings to bring you sunshine in his latest single, “Sunshine.” The singer/songwriter is sending a sincere message filled with hope with his optimistic lyrics and warm, sunray-like vocals. The single doesn’t have many lines, yet it can really speak to you and hopefully have a positive influence. You should also apply what Allen says: “When you feel low, and you’ve got no place to go, let the sunshine in.” The vocals are capable of quieting your disturbed thoughts and giving you some peace. It’s not just the lyrics and vocals that make this single great; the folk vibes and outstanding acoustic guitar strumming are surely comforting, much like the most heartfelt sunrise moment.

Let the sunshine in by listening to “Sunshine” below:

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Viola Karmy