Ye Angst’s certain brand of ripping experimental rock is back to give us another killer grooves, riffs, beats, and licks with their latest single, Sundown.

The Melbourne-based Aussie Ye Angst say about themselves that they are an artist’s representation of youthful angst, and listening to Sundown, this is easy to spot. Sundown’s robotic beats and riffs are animated and the hostile distortion on the guitar gives the song a certain unpredictability that was exciting all the way through the song’s relatively short runtime. The contrast from the mostly instrumental a-section riff, pounding, heavy, and relentless, and the b-section’s funkiness, bass magic, and experimental vocals lend this song a double-life kind of aura that further bolsters its bold production choices and experimentation. 

Funky bass, guttural, howled vocals, a sinister brooding voice on the side, and an exciting, phased guitar with a load of distortion that brings back the glory of hair metal all serve to make ‘Sundown’ a memorable piece of rock that’s as difficult to categorize as it is to forget.