Today we’re going to talk about the rising band (The Thing with Feathers) and their new song “Sunday in the South”

It is the fifth song complemented by album (Sunday in the South) the song blends in at the beginning with the music of the ACOUSTIC guitar and sound David Welch, the lead singer of the band, with sweet words to show he’s missing, For love in his life, and he wants to rest in the embrace of love Again, and the feeling of eternal peace from this love.

We used to hear a lot of rhythms and melodies, and the classical melodies are special to hear for a sense of loyalty and feeling By giving, most of their songs are mixed with instruments and sounds of nature to get us into a state of inner peace, dancing and feeling With adventure.
The band wants to embody the punk spirit, our music is an invitation.It’s empowering, inviting something greater, believing in something more, but more importantly Of all that, it’s hope Some kind of eccentric electric power
The Thing with Feathers is an alternative rock band, independent pop, and dance Mix and collect the tune of the four-person band David WELCSH, ALEX HENDRICKS -SEAN CARROLL – CHRIS ROUSSELL)
They’re a band formed in Nashville, and they’ve been developing the band for the last two years to form a series of songs that mimic a lot of Events such as friendship, love, sense of adventure, honesty , confrontation, and hope again
The new song tells of a sense of emotion in the direction of the unity found in the voices of the lead singer and the guitar together He wishes to feel safe and embrace love again, to make the feeling of strength in that feeling
And there’s a video of this song to simulate the story listed and show the band next to each other despite the presence of The voice of the singer and the guitar only in the video and this shows the composition and love between the members of the band and their backs next to each other Some to complete the march and list the message in their songs.
Recently, The Feathers has teamed up with producer and mixing engineer Kyle Dreaden (Parachute, Jake Wesley Rogers). Their first collaboration with Dreaden’s flagship production, “We’ll Be Fine,” was released on April 9, 2021 The delightfully narrow performances came from the rhythm section with a smooth guitar hook and bold and contagion vocals at a perfect time when he began People to feel the fresh air
Ep Sundays in The South has been released. It was brilliantly produced by Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Snow Patrol), the specific version of the profession pays The boundaries of alternative rocks cast with bubbles for lengths never shown before by Nashville contemporaries.

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