Summertime is a Skatepunk/Pop Punk band from Hungary, formed in 2009.  If you ask me, they’re more on the Pop Punk side, you can notice that. They even made it clear they intend to deliver catchy melodies and guitar solos. I was given their Reverbnation link so I’m listening to the tracks available without knowing which EP they descend from.

So how do they sound like? After listening to just few songs, I can tell what the other songs would sound like. All the songs are energetic and upbeat. In some songs, you can smell some potential and hear some young talents. 

From the second track, I began to realize that I have to focus with the music and ignore the vocals to be able to do the band justice. The vocalist sounds annoying and the lyrics are mostly ignorable. It was unfortunate because usually vocals and lyrics are very important elements.

Although all songs are kind of similar, some of them showcase the band’s talent more than others, like ‘Like A Fool (Again)’, ‘My Heart’, ‘Exiled’ and ‘Girls Never Won’, if you put the vocals aside of course.  The Acoustic guitar work in ‘Exiled’ made it stand out. The lead guitarist is talented. The rhythm work is of less talent but accompanies the lead guitar well. I noticed that in the members list in their Reverbnation page, no lead guitarist is mentioned so he might have left. It’s a great loss to the band if so. The drums also help create and fits the energy of the music.


Overall, Summertime is a band that has some potentials. They did alright with the tracks I heard as a starter for a young band but they need to work harder to produce something bigger and I think they can! Most of Pop Punk bands almost do the same thing if you ask me; and Summertime are no exception but I sensed in some parts that they can possibly stand out if they tried. The tracks I heard where from different EPs made in a 5 year span but they all sounded like they’re all from the same period. Recommend the band to Pop Punk fans who would tolerate the vocals.


Edited by: Nehal Ali