Maurizio Zanella Photography

“Summer’s End” is the sound of searching for a new beginning free from the past’s pain with fresh, summery rhythms. It is the third single from the Irish duo Bursting Wonderland‘s “David vs. Goliath” album. 

Bursting Wonderland is a rock band based in Galway, consisting of Mimmo Ripa (songwriting, arrangements, bass, guitars, backing vocals, and artistic production) and Ania Chmielewska (vocals and lyrics). The band has a unique sound blending alt-rock, grunge, and 90’s rock vibes. 

“Summer’s End” is a slow, power ballad that has a soothing impact. It’s the kind of song you listen to when you’re sitting on your own in front of the sea, enjoying the wind in your face, the sand between your fingers, and your mind is stirring your life’s memories, decisions, and struggles.

It starts with gentle guitar chords and is joined by mellow drumming. Ania’s powerful voice enters with its blue vibes and a warm tone that feels like the sun rays above the sea. The expressive lyrics feel like a portrait being painted, and by the last line, you’ll feel as if this was your mind talking to you all along, leaving you with the question, “Would you live for you?”

The production is well-structured, and the progression conveys the blue and dark vibes well. The guitar is singing along with the vocals the entire time, and its solo is impressive! The outro has the same calming ambiance as the intro; it’s like both are peaceful sea waves, and what’s in between is a severe, temporary tide.

Don’t forget that “Summer’s End” is a part of “David vs. Goliath.” So, go check out the entire album for a genuine sound.