The Summer Song is a fresh breath of Alt, Indie-Rock air. Even though the piece’s theme is about broken hearts and bad romantic relationships, the whole composition and delivery have left us in awe.

“The song had been floating around from that time and deserved a revisit. While the lyrics have been updated to reflect the nearly 20 years, the song has always been about the end of a relationship. Brooding and melancholic; its only relation to Summer is the period it was written.” – The Breakdown.

The intro consists of a beautifully crafted guitar that slowly fades in and tunes with the rest of the instruments and vocals.

The singer’s voice is very alluring, you add a few tech effects here and there to make the vocals even more dynamic, and the result is a powerfully captivating masterpiece. 

The lyrics describe what seems to be a toxic relationship. The person narrating and describing this relationship feels trapped in a corrupted loophole, giving their best while receiving less.

The London-based band was formed just before lockdowns and has been beavering away at writing original material.

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