Louis Joseph and Samantha Corcoran

The Covid-19 lockdown in the UK has significantly reshaped the music scene there, with feelings such as doubt, fear, anxiety, frustration, loneliness, friendship, and love as raw materials for creativity, and amidst it, all came out the Sleeping Together quartet.

“Summer Girl” brought to us by the Manchester quartet, has catchy INDIE POP and rock-pop beats and cute lyrics. The music of Sleeping Together often reflects on themes such as girls, heartbreak, and toxic relationships.

In this song we enter into an acoustic whirlpool created by a melodic blend of drum beats, powerful guitars, and rich vocals. Despite the intensity of the rock and the great guitar, and intertwined with the rapid rhythm of bouncy pop, the result is very comfortable and attractive.

A flavor of summer brought to us by the quartet frontman Alexander, drummer Jason, bassist Ryan, and lead guitarist Mike, inspired by a short sweet romance with some sad touches. It is a story not far from their thoughts, in which a married couple agrees to separate, and each of them recalls some fleeting memories of love, which ended up with nothing in the summer.

Recorded in collaboration with producer Tayte Nickols and engineer Matt Colton (U2, Arctic Monkeys), “Summer Girl” is the first single from the upcoming Sleeping Together debut album.

A sense of ‘Summer Girl’ hilarity and an unknown charm perhaps sourced from pop music gives us a unique impression of Sleeping Together on the current UK indie music scene, making us curious to see where this quartet takes us with their voice.