When life turns its back on you giving you a hard time, you either surrender and get lost in the darkness that falls upon you or you turn it into art. And that’s what Bleeding Sun did with their debut single “Suffocated”.

After they met through Clint Lowery’s (Sevendust) Patreon Group, Brett, Gabriel, and Ken started sharing song ideas and writing together, forming Bleeding Sun. Aiming to build a solid connection with their listeners, they use their talent to turn real life struggles and experiences into relatable music that creates a bond between them and their fans.


“Suffocated” is the perfect start for their career. It’s a heavy catchy tune with lots of emotions that can be easily felt through their words and music. The heavy melodic intro shows that you are about to experience something that’ll live with you for a while, and when the verse starts, the vocal melody gets you straight into the mood and feel of the song with its dynamics and changes that carry you smoothly into its melodic catchy chorus. The guitar melodies throughout the whole song are really emotional and reflect the lyrics’ darkness and personally, I felt every word and note and that’s what good music is all about.

Even with its dark mood, “Suffocated” dynamics felt like a supportive pat on the back, it goes down very low, and then picks you up and boosts your spirit with groovy headbanging riffs. The interlude around the 2:00 min mark created a perfect buildup for the killer solo and heavy breakdowns that come next and stay till the banger outro.

Personally, as a fan of heavy authentic music, I’ve already become a fan of Bleeding Sun. The way they kept their flow going while maintaining their heaviness without losing the core feelings and melody of the song was pretty impressive. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Bleeding Sun and I totally recommend you do too especially since they promise a steady release of a number of singles and videos in 2022 and a full length in 2023. Cheers, and stay heavy!