Over time, humans’ primary concerns became authority, money, fame, and anything else that gave them power over others, and they lost sight of their true nature: “Humanity.” Not all humans, however, as some people, such as members of the “Salt” band, still care for humans and those who have nothing in comparison to others, those who are struggling to survive day by day, while others sit on high towers only viewing white clouds. Through the powerful lyrics in “Suffocate,” they share with us the merciful feelings for the weakened and the rage for those who are blinded by money. Stating a fact that we forgot which is: “We should love the human race. We should treat with them some grace.”

What makes the message they want to deliver stand out is how Sharon Woods sings sincerely, with gentle, passionate vocals, making us care for the noble message they’re delivering. And her vocals are wrapped around their one-of-a-kind sound, which comes from mixing indie rock, indie pop, grunge, and some post-punk tunes with a little psychedelic vibe. It’s amazing how they managed to create soothing music for such a revolutionary single, as they put layer after layer of bass and guitars, creating a dreamy atmosphere and rhythms that harmonised with the vocals.

We “suffocate” in a world where the rich always win. Like “Salt,” I hope someday there will be a balance between those who have it all and those who have nothing. For once, I hope “humanity” wins.


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Viola Karmy