Seerat Gill

As an experienced designer and musician, Rohit Sen is not afraid to explore and try different sounds and technologies in the search of his unique sound. The San Francisco-based artist managed to write, arrange, produce, perform, mix, master, and take over video production of his upcoming album  “Aberrations” using tools like robot arm mastering, and Open A.I. video production and you can feel the creativity and signature sound on his 1st single “Sudden Complacence” that’s set to be released on the 14th of October 2022.

“Sudden Complacence” is a damn smooth tune, it’ll take all over your senses with its fluid chilling groove, bluesy mellow guitars, and Rohit Sen’s warm vocals. The bass line is pretty incredible, it solidified the song’s deep groove and kept it interesting. The guitar melodies had a smooth ramp progression as it started setting the mood alongside the bass and once it’s all set, exploded into a guitar hero mode with beautiful bluesy licks and solos in an eargasmic way.

 “Sudden Complacence” is one of the most capturing, easygoing, and fluid songs I’ve listened to in quite some time. It has a beautiful mellow flow with beautiful melodies and a deep groove that shows Rohit Sen’s solid writing skills and a good eye for details. I’m super hooked and looking forward to more, cheers!