The roots of rock are pretty obvious in the veins of the band members. Although they deliver modern alt-rock/post-punk elements, still, they were very keen to keep such vintage roots within the core of their music. The 10-tracks album is one of those records that you will lose time with and just enjoy the guitars, vocals, and such tight beats. I really enjoyed Andrew McCarty vocals it actually reminds me of Jim Morrison and David Bowie very much. Since I am a guitarist so guitars are one of the main factors that I check, and I was really amazed by George Cole guitar sounding and tones. I believe the guitar line of this record was the main factor that every element else was built on after songwriting. When you check the album below, I can tell you that Cole solos and licks will catch your ears easily. Tristan Barton and John Floyd had the hardest job really because they kept an original tight rhythm to give strength for the music core perfectly. Definitely, Sarah Spain keyboard lines were really amazing, the melodies and harmonies combined with guitars helped the whole record indeed. Ah! Did I tell you that she’s stunning on back vocals too? Now you know! Feel the originality below! 

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Mena Ezzat