Started writing during the pandemic, instrumentalist/songwriter/producer/vocalist Hugh Ruiz Robert kicked off his project Ruiz! releasing 9 singles via Only Fruit Recordings. On the 20th of October 2023, he dropped his 10th single Stupid Old Git, a purely psychedelic experience that you don’t wanna miss. Let me tell you more about it.

With a warm psychedelic groove and a fluid chilling melody, Ruiz! smoothly opened Stupid Old Git. Stupid Old Git has a haunting melody with deep ’60s psychedelic roots and powerful Eastern vibes, its atmospheric synth create an overwhelming halo that takes over your senses and created a beautiful harmonic conversation with the fluid guitar melody that smoothly carries the listener throughout a wavy chilling flow. Ruiz!’s guitar work is pretty impressive on Stupid Old Gid, he smoothly lays those melodies creating a looping endless flow that you want it to keep on going forever, backed by a dominating bass line that powerfully leads the song’s groove, all with perfect arrangement with synth within a detailed structure where every element is well heard and digested by the listener. 

Stupid Old Git is an enjoyable melodic journey with Ruiz! where he smoothly takes us through his world where it all comes together in one fluid, strongly connected flow with warm sound and bright melodies. Looking forward to more from Ruiz!, keep on rocking. Cheers!