Mackenzie talks about a toxic relationship she had in her previous life and how she always tried to know the mistakes she made in the previous relationship, but she was always put in doubt, and her words don’t affect the relationship.
Except for negativity, and she always had to accept this, which made her vulnerable in similar situations.
And yet that made her realize the power inside her to determine who should stay in her life and what to do.
Mackenzie’s writing style is strong and daring, and at the same time emotional, combining women’s power with how to perceive With true love.From poisonous love, and not only that’s what she likes, she also likes to be a leader in her feelings and give advice to others to realize the truth before falling into the trap of poisonous love.
And it’s very nice to talk about sensitive things honestly and seriously so you can see honestly.Who in the end will be by your side?
Mackenzie has a beautiful voice that blends with a cinematic and dramatic music to tell the story with professionalism and accuracy.
Her performance in singing and writing is very strong, and it could be a )Stuck In a wrong movie (that resembled the song Of Billy Eilesh,) no time to die (The Acostic version in the distribution of music and musical ability
MacKenzie has participated in many musical productions such as:Lizzy McAlpine AND Ella Atkinson
And I think Mackenzie will always fascinate us with her outstanding version of bold, emotional real-life songs and albums to be a beacon of truth.


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Karim Ibrahem


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