LA-based artist Skender Beck is set to release his newest single, “Stuck In The Sky”, after the release and success of his album (which has amassed more than 5000 streams on Spotify alone). This single was sound engineered by Chris Wonzer, who worked with the likes of Pink, Stone Temple Pilots, Phil Collins, Sting, R.E.M, and Deep Purple. The song was recorded in LA, at The Room Melrose Studios.

At first listen, I absolutely loved the acoustic guitar in the song, along with Skender’s vocals, it was the perfect mix. The drums sound so crisp and blend well with the guitars. I love the deepness of the lyrics, and Skender’s singing with such emotion and soul, all in all, this is a really solid single. I also loved the lyrics video with the space visuals to represent him being “Stuck In The Sky”.

All in all, no wonder Skender has amassed a lot of streams on Spotify, other than releasing an amazing album, he continues by releasing amazing singles too!