‘Stronger’, the latest cut from The Pulltops is a powerful power pop anthem, imbued with cavernous, stadium-sized reverbs, monstrous bass tones, and heroic vocals that match the song’s empowering words. 

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, The Pulltops is a duo whose sound is a fusion of indie rock and power pop. This is how they choose to describe their music, and listening to ‘Stronger’, they are pretty much on the note with that description.

With reverb-infused drums delivered by Mark Pierret, that summon the valiant 80s’ power pop, à la Blondie, The Cars, and Laura Branigan, The Pulltops are addressing our younger selves, weighted down by insecurities, looking past them and at the inner strengths inside each and every one of us. Doing this, the duo reaches high for their most passionate singer selves, and manages in their search to provide a stunning vocal delivery that goes from brooding and pulling lows, to seething, glorious highs on the chorus, which is rich with crisply overdriven rhythm guitars.

With sharp-sounding production that utilizes tasteful, minimal compression, and pristine reverbs, ‘Stronger’ ends up sounding warm and purposeful, just like its words. The Pulltops are a duo that’s got a strong drive to achieve a sound they’re passionate for, and the results are spectacular on ‘Stronger’.