Jason Joyce

Singer songwriter Toby Pearce released his second single release “Strange Times” on the 13th of February from London, United Kingdom.

 “Strange Times” comes in a time for Toby Pearce where his inner musical self is becoming actualised, having been away from music for a long time being a day to day lawyer. He found his passion in music years ago and at the age of 51 years young, comes the long awaited release of his second single. 

Toby Pearce‘s second single “Strange Times” is an acoustic rock song with heartwarming vocals, melodic guitars, and a beat that lets your mind flow like a river through happy and melancholic thoughts all at the same time. Such is the bittersweet nature or “Strange Times”

With two songs only released so far, Toby Pearce has impressively managed to attain over 7,000 unique monthly listeners, and the artist has garnered an amazing attention for the start of his musical career and passion. 

Perhaps some would be impressed by Toby Pearce‘s instant success story, given his age, but I’m even more impressed by his success given the age we’re in, where breaking into a music career is more difficult for new artists than ever. 

We may be living in strange times indeed, but there are also good times, like when Toby Pearce’s music is released and listened to by thousands.