Malin Floryd-Welin

When ALIEN FRIEND is not working as a guitarist for the Swedish band REDMOON with Daniel Lagerlöf, Ke Lindgren, and Johan Lundström, he is pursuing his solo project known as ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS in Stockholm where he hails, after releasing a series of singles and a double album in 2021.

With his project, ALIEN FRIEND strives to offer a mix of great musical elements from ALT-COUNTRY, Power Pop, Folk, and Indie Rock, pushing into the future with a bit of a retro vibe from the 60s and 70s but we absolutely love it.

On his double album titled 17 Birds At Summers Gate. It features several tracks but we caught “Strange Time Boogie”, co-starring David Myhr, in which politics mingle with music and is rare at ALIEN FRIEND.

It seems that political hypocrisy and political tactics provoked him to talk about right-wing politicians and the alt-right movement in Sweden with sincere words and a touch of irony in line with the present, as it is a modern topic that is suitable for all countries, where the pursuit of self-interest takes from “democracy” a cover, confirming the idea that man should He is honest in what he says on the one hand, and on the other hand, we do not believe everything we are told or seen.

A simple political tune that includes influences from Pop, Folk, and Indie Rock and is imbued with rich acoustic guitars, fast-paced drum beats, and ’70s-inspired orchestral crosses, it creates a bang and good energy that kills the monotony of the dance.

“Strange Times Boogie” raises a social and political issue with musical voices without turning into a battle of words. It makes us look forward to more ARN-IDENTIFIED FLYECTS AND ALIEN FRIENDS shortly.