The sound of shallow waters creeping through your ears as the night camps and the summertime is close to being over. When lights go out and the blue sky just after sunset is casting its shrouds. 

Strange Kind of Blue” is Justin Curran’s new single, being part of much released by Curran. A retro-style country-man from Northern Ireland, based in Belfast. “Strange Kind of Blue” is a fusion of country and 70’s Rock n’ Roll, inspired by the likes of Paul Weller, The Style Council, and The Jams. Basically any band Paul Weller would form. Haha!

Curran has a wide history whether in bands participated in or with the previous releases; “I was in and out of various Britpop bands throughout the 90s and early 2000s in Ireland and the UK. Also been on the touring circuit since the early 2010s, touring an album around the UK, Channel Islands, and Ireland, bagging live sessions on BBC Introducing Jersey with his JC & The Loony Tunes outfit along the way. They headlined festivals alongside The Levelers and The Charlatans, and after disbanding in 2018, I returned to Belfast and started demoing songs for this project.”

The track kicks off with a “Splashing water percussion” and then Curran emerges from the music with hard strong vocals breaking the quiet mellow echo of the intro. 

And Curran hadn’t got enough by just being the vocalist on the track, he played bass, guitar, harmonica, and Hammond organ on the track. Some instruments were fed more than others, as I believe harmonica needed more time to be demonstrated throughout the track.

Sometimes drums felt out of sync, having sharper tone and sound and made the track seem faster than it should’ve been.

The retro-style the track has is atmospheric and energetic, as it feels like a raw original sound from the 80’s or 70’s era.

What was really a disappointment is the video on YouTube; it was very amateur and the video graphing and directing just made the track seem less professional. If you listen to the track you would absolutely love it. But if you play the video, I think you’d think twice about love.

The track has multiple themes, fusing country with 70’s Rock n’ Roll. Introducing the beautiful harmonica along with clean guitar riffs.


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