Ruebi’s latest self-described single is “Strange.” Indeed, it is quite strange in many ways, but that does not mean that it is not good at all. The mix of Indie Pop and Indie Rock is great and subtle. It’s so attractive that it makes you want to dance.

“Strange” takes you back to the ’80s and how to use the synth to its full potential. The song also has many great musical elements that give it extra layers of nuance.

The lyrics also create the perfect ambiance for the song. It’s straightforward and talks about a personal experience that can give you a sense of loss, but there’s just something about upbeat pop music that fills you with energy. For a moment, you will feel this energy and those ancient colors fill your imagination.

Ruebi is an artist that you should watch out for. Especially if you’re the type who enjoys turning 80s and 90s music into electronic music. He also has a mature and clear musical vision that he implements with courage and determination.