RedrumSiciety’s new single “Stormy Weather” is a reference and a chronicle of what a verbally abusive relationship might look like.

Chronicling the dimensions of an abusive relationship that Zach Cohen experienced, he is the songwriter, vocal, and guitarist of RedrumSociety and one of the original founding members of the band and the only one remaining from the original lineup.

Zah has been dealing with a lot…addiction, legal problems, the heartbreaking passing away of one of the band’s original members….and an abusive relationship along with all of that.

I would say he used all of his life force to write this song.
If you have experienced or have been even remotely involved in such a relationship, you would instantly click with Zach’s lyrics, it goes through all the emotions whether lyrically or musically.

I can’t wait to tell you about the song, so let’s get into it…

First things first, the title “Stormy Weather”…can you relate anymore to it now that you know the history? Kudos for the name alone.

The lyrics and vocal performance take you through the turbulent stormy weather of an emotional trip.
…the first line is literally “she stole my happiness”….which encapsulates everything that is coming after this line…
Zach starts to descend into the details of this relationship, both lyrically and musically.

The vocal layers and harmonies are awesome, with the pizzicato strings in the background…some guitar licks here and there, everything gels so well.

The steady drumbeat acts as the steadiness of time passing with this relationship, until the pre-chorus, which changes things up and starts acting up, like a volcano about to blow.

The Chorus is basically the volcano blowing up musically….and everything turned to 11.

The bridge in the second half of the song is musically uplifting as if giving you a glimpse of hope that this relationship could work, but then it goes back into pre-chorus and chorus and ends abruptly, apparently this is what happened in real life…that is how I perceived it at least.

The song structure is top-notch, I love the vocal layers and harmonies, the sounds are awesome, and above all, the song as a whole sounds epic.

We know that there is a new line-up for RedrumSociety now, we wish you guys all the best!

…keep on writing true-to-yourself songs, we can’t wait to hear the amazing things you will come up with!


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