A 12-track ingenious creation, Stories That Never Happened dazzles with unique storytelling and a dreamy melodic rock sound. Recorded at home, Stories That Never Happened captures that sense of isolation and connecting with the self through a carefully selected assortment of tracks. “Ghost” is lush, layered, and rich. “I’m Not Worth the Rain” is folk with prog-rock feels with its synths and guitar strums, while “Boots in the Right Place” demands to be heard with its classic, melodic rock sound and cool rhythm. “The Face of Doom” is a Bowie-inspired funky rock track with a groovy, almost jazzy feel to it. “Goldfish” is the prize winner of the whole album, borrowing from shoegaze, alt-rock with its ethereal vocals and overwhelming volume.

Claire Bradshaw’s mezzo-soprano helps her transform simple tracks into psychedelic dreams. Her tone and storytelling techniques turn this album into a sound feast. Stories That Never Happened could easily pa for another bedroom/folk-rock release. But in the hands of a prolific singer/songwriter like Claire, it turns into something magical, partly truth, partly fiction, alking contradiction.

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Jaylan Salah