Paolo Rossi (Italy)

As Italy listed on the top countries suffers from COVID-19, the future of the Italian Metal bands has been questioned. One of the brighten names in the Italian Metal Scene decides to fight against the suffering and keep themselves alive Fleshgod Apocalypse. The band decides to adapt to the quarantine by setting a wide series of live videos with fans and other musicians. I reached one of Fleshgod Apocalypse members through one of the band’s live streaming. In my point of view, the band produces a Modern Metal equivalent to the Medieval Italian “Decameron,” the text that helped the Italians to survive from the Black Death.

 First off, we asked him about the most musical release he listens to during the quarantine, “It depends by the time of the day!” Rossi explained. Then, he continued, “I use to listen to jazz music in the morning (Ellington, Mingus, Coltrane, Hawkins)or classical (Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, Wagner, Brahms). While I listen to Iced Earth and Iron Maiden discography while I workout in the afternoon!” After than Rossi added a part from Iron Maiden’s “Blood Brothers” lyrics,

There are times when I feel I’m afraid for the world

There are times I’m ashamed of us all

When you’re floating on all the emotion you feel

And reflecting the good and the bad

Will we ever know what the answer to life really is?

Can you really tell me what life is?

Maybe all the things that you know that are precious to you

Could be swept away by fate’s own hand

He added that he is playing Iron Maiden a lot these days. Next, we asked Rossi if he is on regular contact with the band or not, he replied, “ We’re in contact almost every day, we can just video chat, of course, we’re not allowed to meet each other. We just did a new cover that is Lacrimosa from Mozart and we’re hosting an online Metal talkshow called Saturday Night Lockdown! Many other projects are on their way, so stay tuned!” Regarding how he spends his time during the quarantine, “as I said before, I’m discovering a lot of jazz music. It’s very relaxing for me!” We liked to ask him about the idea of singing in the balcony or having a live streaming performance, “I think it’s a good idea to keep in touch with the fans. I also started to give online bass lessons! and I will work on some playthrough very soon.” Then, he commented on performing from the balcony, “No balcony performance for me, I would feel awkward,” he finalized.

Ehab Khaled Fawzy (Egypt)

One of the finest Metal voices in the Egyptian Metal Scene, Ehab Khaled Fawzy, Medic Frontedman, is always refreshing the blood of the Egyptian Metal scene through Medic’s different plans. During the quarantine, Ehab introduces various projects such as his balcony performances with Youssef Khaled Fawzy and his new online show “El Podcast”.

He started telling us about his favorite music in this quarantine phase, “I listen to anything and everything currently,” he highlighted. He told us the most album he is listening which is Routine by Steven Wilson.
Regarding the most song he performs at home, he answered, “Remember by Youssef Fawzi” And he revealed Medic’s plans, “Medic is actually in the recording/ releasing process of the new album titled “Niflheim”, whereas the album will be released all through the year, Jabermount the first single was released back in February, and the upcoming single is expected to be out by the end of this spring –hopefully. Next, we asked him about the genre he is exploring during quarantine time, “I’m up to some progressive trance and some electronic music, with a purpose actually, you’ll find out why in the near future
Then, Ehab Fawzy told us his balcony acts, “it actually went viral, it was so much fun and people got so engaged they screamed their lungs out singing, me and my brother Youssef did it more than once.

Robin Lagerborg (Sweden)

Robin Lagerborg, Chugger member! Chugger now is one of the celebrated Swedish bands, especially after winning with Wacken Open Air Metal Battle in 2018. 2 years ago, the Egyptian Metal fans had the chance to see Chugger live during the latest Egypt Wacken Metal Battle in 2019. Last month, Chugger released their new album “Of Man and Machine.”

He started telling us about his favorite music in this quarantine phase, “Mastodon’s “Full Catalogue, “Opeth’s “In Cauda Venenum”, Hatebreed’s “The Concrete Confessional,” and The Black Dahlia Murder’s “Verminous.” Next, he added, The intro of Opeth’s “Heart in Hand” haunts his mind currently. Then, he revealed to us what he performs regularly at home, “it often depends on my mood. But right now it’s a lot of ZZ-Top and AC/DC songs,” he answered. Regarding our question about his contact with Chugger, “we are in contact every day, through messenger mostly. We are keeping ourselves as productive as possible,” he clarified. Next, we asked him about the genre he is exploring during quarantine time, “I’m playing a lot on the guitar right now, trying out a lot of different tunings and styles. Playing a lot of Blues right now.

Then, Largerborg told us about his home video performances, “I’ve done some short clips that I’ve posted on my Instagram (chugger_robba),” he answered.

Finally, he said to us about his favorite online interview or live streaming he watched, “I’ve been watching some live stream performances. October Tide was one of the best once I’ve seen so far. I think it’s a great way to still have live music,‘ he finalized.

Tamer Younes (Egypt)

Regarded as one of the Egyptian Metal scene godfathers, He is Vyrus’ and Invaders member, Vyrus is considered one of the earliest Thrash/Heavy Metal bands in Egypt. Younes is known for his impressive talents on the guitar. Moreover, his band Vyrus is now on the top active Metal bands in Egypt.

The first question we asked him is his most favorite artists currently. He mentioned Devin Townsend and Periphery.  Next, we asked him about his activity in the quarantine, “Mainly performing my own music compositions, namely, my last single track that I composed during quarantine “Flying Colors”.” he expressed. After that, he added that he is still in contact with his bands, “We will play live as soon as things settle down,” Younes described.

Regarding the genre he is exploring now, he said that he is currently exploring Ambient Music and also Devin Townsend’s Quarantine Project. We moved to ask him whether he performed from home or in his balcony, “Yes. I post short clips all the time on my FaceBook and Instagram. I prefer playing in my home studio where the proper equipment is ready for rock. I played outdoors on the acoustic guitar when electricity was completely out a few weeks ago,” Younes finalized.

 Ruby Bouzioti (Greece)

Greece is always known for its great female Metal voices, and Ruby Bouzioti is one of them. She is well known for her outstanding covers and enthusiastic live performance.

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First off, we asked her about the most musical release he listens to during the quarantine, “The new On Thorns I Lay album named “Threnos” and the new Wolfheart album named “Wolves of Karelia,” Ruby answered. Next, she added, “Actually there is. It is from Lacuna Coil’s song “Veneficium” the part that goes like “I would destroy my own life to consume your soul and smile…”. Also, there is the chorus from a song called “Age of Aquarius” by Villagers of Ioannina City, a Greek band, that is stuck in my head and from Wardruna’s “Raido” a part that goes like “Ri ut, Raido” as the most the parts stuck in her mind. Regarding her activity those days, she described, “These days the thing I sing most one of my upcoming singles because I have to record it and due to the coronavirus situation everything went back.”

Regarding the genre she is exploring now, Ruby said “Actually, I’m working from home. There’s still not much time to search for new things but I leave autoplay on Youtube while I’m working so I have listened to a few new things that I liked a lot.” Then, we asked her if she in contact with her band members, “I’m in contact with most of the musicians from the projects I’m involved with. I’m planning a lot of things right now but unfortunately, while locked up inside my house, planning is the only thing I can do,” Ruby explained.

After that, we asked her if she performed live from home or from the balcony, “No, I didn’t try to perform on the balcony. When I sit on the balcony these days it’s with a book in my hand to enjoy the sun and the quiet of the street. I posted a video, it was a challenge actually, that I decided to sing something wearing my pajamas!” she expressed. Finally, she answered our question regarding her favorite live-stream concert or interview during the Quarantine, “I actually was a backer for Wolfheart’s virtual gig on Indiegogo. It was very good, I really wanted to see them live, but I felt terrible about the fact that there was no audience. I hope that everything will return to normal for all the bands out there that got their shows postponed or canceled as soon as possible,” Ruby highlighted.


Written by: Rana Atef 

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