Jacob Romero

Sometimes, as soon as you press the play button, you get hooked…that is not normal and that doesn’t happen often…but when the stars are aligned, clear night sky and a full moon, maybe then you’d get that chance…or if you listen to Strumbush’s “Still Motion”.

The song caught my ears from the first 2 seconds…it took me through a roller coaster of memories, nostalgia and emotions…and I would like to take you with me on that inner journey, so why don’t we start with getting to know the good people from Strumbush as our first foray into this wild ride? Let’s do that.

Strumbrush hails from Atlanta, an already very well established music scene going over there, and the awesome people are:

Jack Pace Guitar, Vocals and Sound Design

Tyler Sherman Bas. 

Kalen Schaffer on Drums

Foster Wells Lead Vocals and Songwriting

The awesome people from Strumbrush are mixing all of their musical background, tastes and likes into this project, coming up with their own unique sound and energy, and this is exactly what’s happening with their song “Still Motion”.

When you listen to Strumbrush and experience their music, you will get to taste several moods, energies…flavors, if you will…

You might get The Strokes, Wire, Sonic Youth…and I got some red hot chili peppers in there too…but more modern, more edgy, more ‘Strumbush’ essence in it.

So, why don’t we jump into “Still Motion”, experience it, and take that trip?

Well, let’s!

…as I was saying, the first couple of seconds got to me, it haunted me even, the intro to “Still Motion” consists of a very wide sounding guitar…or maybe two guitars…with a very simple, yet extremely catchy riff…I would even go as far as saying ‘dangerously’ catchy…

Absolutely brilliant…

Along the intro guitars, the drums are playing on the hi hats, building up to the verse, then the vocals come in smoothly…the vocals here are lead and backing, so it’s has some of that ‘group vocals’ feel to it, and that adds to the smoothness of the overall experience of the whole song.

The chorus is also very catchy, especially with a very unique and edgy rock’n’roll riff…with that edgy rock-guitar-string-bending lick.

All of the elements of “Still Motion” are working together in a very dynamic yet smooth workflow…you see, the bass is very melodic, yet, doesn’t intrude on the rhythm or melody of the song…in parallel, the drums are there to drive the song forward, yet, giving ample space to the vocals to shine, the guitar to solo and the bass to lock in and soar both melodically and rhythmically.

The song also has an interesting bridge section, where there is no vocals and the guitar plays a bit of mini-melodic-solo…the energy is very different, the slap back echo/delay effect is absolutely on point!

Strumbrush is doing some awesome music, definitely highly recommended to not just any fan of rock, old school or modern, but to anyone who is a fan of good songs.

We wish you all the luck in the world.