Colorado & Company, an Australian band that brings together local artists, singer-songwriters, and Orchestra members, just released 2 singles “Break” and “Still” showcasing their exceptional talent and their unique sound, while teasing up for their upcoming album that will be released later this year.

Released on April 29th, “Still” perfectly showcases the band’s sound, which can be described as a captivating blend of Indie/Acoustic, Alt folk, and Americana. They take an unconventional approach, departing from the standard Alt-Country sound and incorporating phenomenal elements that set them apart. Right off the bat the vocals are a striking highlight, as the vocalist effortlessly navigates between soulful clean, heavenly falsettos and grungy powerful tones. However, their prowess extends beyond vocals as they create a melodic soundscape that features a mixture of piano melodies and soaring/airy violins, resulting in a joyful and dynamic live experience. While the song features unexpected rhythm changes between the verses and choruses that go back and forth from an Americana groove in the verses to a funky groovy chorus that features an intoxicating slap and pop bass line, keeping the listener engaged and invested throughout the song while adding to its overall allure.

“Still” is a catchy, well written and produced song that invites listeners to sing along, perfectly complementing its lyrical theme. It’s evident that Colorado & Company has crafted a masterpiece by borrowing elements from a wide range of genres and weaving them together in a cohesive and innovative way. This unique sound not only elevates the talented upcoming Sydney group but also contributes to the indie music scene on a broader scale.