Australian singer and songwriter Ollie Twohill just released his latest single “Stifled”…a poignant indie pop-rock song that explores depression, helplessness, and suicide. Recorded on the Gold Coast, the song emphasizes the importance of speaking to loved ones about one’s feelings, as it can save lives.

The song tackles a heavy topic, but that is also it’s shining moment…it transcends the concept of being just a song and becomes a helpline to people of the world…actually, Ollie dedicates “Stifled”  to those who lost family members or friends and encourages people to seek help or chat when struggling mentally. It encourages people to reach out for help and support when they need it most

Ollie is currently performing as a one man band where he sings and plays guitar using both feet on a stomp box with a looping pedal for his guitar and a high-hat cymbal.

…but when it comes to recording, Ollie takes up his siblings Blair (Drums) and Lawson (Bass) to work on all of his releases…and it shows how incredibly talented they are as musicians…maybe in the near future they will join Ollie on the stage? Perhaps…

So, depression, a heavy topic? Yes…should we not talk about it? No!

…we should talk…and this is exactly the message of “Stifled”, this is what Ollie wants for the world…maybe this little talk could be the difference between life and death.

Ollie manages to create a genre bending one here with “Stifled”…it has some excellent indie acoustic moments, but it also has huge sounding sections with big and wide guitars and powerful drum beats…

…one of the most iconic elements in “Stifled” is the melody…it really sticks to your brain…and almost instantly, that is not just because of how well the melody is written, but Ollie delivers an emotionally charged vocal performance that will not be forgotten, absolutely brilliant and rich.

“Stifled” is a helpline to anyone in the world…anyone who might need to feel that he is heard, don’t hold it in, open your heart and speak.

We wish all the best to Ollie and can’t wait to hear more of his poignant and impactful song…we’ll be on the lookout.


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