With steady steps, Chesterfield singer/ Songwriter Aza Brown started getting more attention leading to thousands of streams and to the selling out of his forthcoming album’s “Exennial” limited physical copies before its digital release in Autumn. Building upon this success, Brown takes us into a psychedelic fluid journey that clearly shows off his music writing talents on his new single “Sticky Situations” which we’ll be reviewing today. 

Aza Brown skillfully swings between his clear diverse influences on “Sticky Situations”. It smoothly flows with old-school psychedelic vibes and production that’s seamlessly mixed with big theatrical sounds and a modern indy feel, with the percussive marching drumlin clearly setting the pace and groove while the storytelling vocal melody kept the structure intact throughout its interestingly dynamic shifts. Aza Brown did a great job with the multi-layered synths and orchestrations, creating an entertaining unpredictable structure in perfect harmony, and keeping the listener focused for the whole 3:48 minutes. 

“Sticky Situations” is a solid well-written and arranged single by Aza Brown, he takes us into a deep psychedelic journey dipped in storytelling, classic rock, and modern indie creating a very unique experience. Aza Brown skillfully steers the song’s dynamics and structure into diverse melodic directions without you even noticing it in a brilliant way. Totally recommended for any organic pure music lover, cheers!