Influenced by true events and self-reflection, Worcester-based singer/songwriter Christopher Francis Chuilli started playing music under his stage name Svicideghost, he started getting noticed after the release of his 1st single in 2021 “Orange In Black” which was followed by the single “Bones” and EP “When I’m Gone” and today, we’re going to dig deeper into his latest single “Sticks and Stones”  that was out on the 9th of October 2022, let’s see how it goes, 

“Sticks and Stones” has strong 2000s alternative vibes with Svicideghost’s expressive vocal melody, chill guitars, and groovy bass. I loved how it explodes around the 1:30 minute mark into a heavy aggressive form that gets you off your seat singing along with him. It has a mellow escalating dynamics that slowly builds up and gets slightly faster in each part until it peaks delivering Svicideghost’s final message.

“Sticks and Stones” has an easygoing flow with bright melodies and a chilling mood, and when you think that’s it, it gets pretty intense and heavy till the end. Looking forward to more from Svicideghost, cheers!