I was curious to listen to Sterlie Jets since I read the album title. No Gods No Loss is the band’s upcoming album which will be released on May 4th on Yesca Rock. They also released ‘Fireside Drive’ on March 8th as the first single and music video. I see Sterlie Jets is a very unexpected music band while you’re listening to, I’ll tell you in right now.


The album includes 10 tricky tracks! And I say it’s tricky as songs’ intros gives a feeling of something real heavy and extreme but they transform nicely within their riffs. The album lyrical themes talk about the band members lives and struggles among their personal life as much as their fans too. So we could say the album talks about personal experiences.

I believe the band’s main concern while composing is how to make it more melodic. I can see that clearly in most of the songs as they deliver a nice melodic riffs. They don’t follow a specific music genre but noise and stoner rock influence is very clear within their music. So if you are a stoner/noise rock fan, for sure you gonna enjoy this album.

Tracks like ‘Rehabilitated Truth’ has drums as the key. I love the broken beats that is well-played by the drummer. Music and vocal riffs goes smoothly with the drumline, which helps the listener to follow the song structure easily.

I loved the album mixing; all instruments are very clear while listening too, and it’s not really something you see everyday lately. ‘Go Out’ and ‘Bleed’s’ catchy riffs were my favorite in the whole album. The soloing was extremely meaningful since the guitarist’s main concern was to deliver a message rather than showing off his techniques. Nice solo deliverance in that song really.

‘Piss On Your God!’ That is a title seen more in extreme metal, right? As the title may sound harsh to many listeners, it eases up when you listen to the track itself. However, I didn’t prefer this track. Too many changes that leads to some distraction when you’re listening.

I just noticed that ‘Soliloquy Of A Heartbroken Loner’ is like an intro for ‘Fireside Drive’ which is their first single and music video. As mentioned earlier the band is very keen for their groove and melodic distortion. Here, I see the vocalist more of a poet in this song. What really grabbed my attention is the song’s outro that I could say a nice heavier unexpected track ending.

You know, some bands make great songs with music and lyrics but pick terrible song titles. This isn’t an issue with Sterlie Jets. Each song title urges you to listen. ‘White Satan’…ohh, how is this gonna sound like? I could clearly feel the elements of the song and it’s smooth direction. Actually, I see it so different than the other songs. Usually, I am a guy who is searching for a melody while listening to a new track, ‘White Satan’, is a very melodic psychedelic song and one of my favorite tracks in this album.

‘A Sterlie Existence’, ‘Free Pork Bougie’ and ‘Olive Spoil’ are the last three tracks of the album. Each song gives a different mood. Song structures aren’t similar at all, it goes through aggression, smoothness, melodic and atmospheric senses.

Well made guys! I would rate it as a noise/stoner rock album 8 out of 10. If you are into these genres then you will like this Sterlie Jets trio for sure!

Edited by: NJ Bakr