The Finnish rock/metal scene has undeniably been a significant source of inspiration for numerous artists globally. “Stay” by Pete Asshill is a remarkable rock hit that blends progressive, punk, and hard rock elements seamlessly. Let’s dive in and explore.

“Simplicity is the key!” I resonate with this motto just like these individuals do. Their song concept revolves around a vibrant hard rock feel, complemented by a simple guitar riff. The lyrics vividly portray a riot scene as it plays out. Their brilliant idea effortlessly came to life, blending 70’s essence with contemporary rock vibes flawlessly.

The emotive vocals, catchy guitar riffs, tight beats, and iconic solos all combined to create one of the best rock hits of 2024 that I’ve heard. I can relate to the time music takes to come to fruition, as I’m currently working on music ideas that have been brewing for almost two decades. This song strikes a perfect balance between old-school and contemporary vibes. “The song was composed about 20 years ago in an airplane as a matter of imagination. At that time airplanes had a free bar. The release took a while.”Pete Asshill explained.

To wrap up, it’s worth noting that over time, Pete Asshill is poised to not only make a significant impact in the music scene in Finland but also on the global rock stage. Cheers to that exciting journey ahead!