Statues of Liberty‘ has been released in 2019. Although it’s been a while since I checked a 16-track record, I was totally amazed by the production, output, and how it’s perfectly presented. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it’s an album full of all elements to create a unique rock mode. I believe this is the difference between an experienced artist and someone who just want to depend on DAWs and thinks that he would create an epic record. Jaqi knows that she is very talented and experienced, still, it was a great move to team up with Tim Skedden, who is a master of guitars, bass, and music production in which they created an epic pop-rock record. Also, I’d recommend you to watch the ‘Trees‘ music video, which I believe served the music perfectly. I noticed the guitar tones either of this track or any other of the album were chosen carefully to fit the whole record, isn’t it the core of rock music guys?! Also, what I love about Jaqi’s voice is how it provides different tones and pitches in each track. In general, I don’t find any negative points over here, it’s all about intimate and powerful vocals, energetic and warm guitars, tight bass and beats, blended with a great mix.  

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Mena Ezzat