The beauty of “Start Again” lies between music and lyrics alike. I prefer to mention this first, because nowadays either I find strong lyrics over poor music or the opposite, but these dudes made it very well! The music will already catch your ears very easy with such catchy melodic riffs, although I am not into hardcore/metalcore stuff that much, still, I was really amazed by the output, tightness, and harmony. “‘Start Again’ is about doing everything we possibly can to make a name for ourselves, even if some people may not like it,” explains vocalist Cesar Ceja. As you can see such a strong message with very powerful vocals gives you an epic metal tune. I highly recommend watching the music video, as much as it’s very simple it was well-presented and served the idea of the track perfectly. Finally, I leave you now to check it out below and summarise my article by their words “We’re not going to stop doing what we do, we will always push forward.” – the band stated.

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Mena Ezzat