Artist C-Beem based in Leicester, UK, dropped an amazing track called ‘Starships’ on the 25 st of January. An alternative pop song, Starships is the perfect song to fantasize and dream of a different life other than your own, or dreaming of something different in general, and C-Beem does this in an amazing way in his new song.

Groovy, funky and high energy summarizes this musical production. You’ve got a tasteful, playful and colorful palette of sonic movement.  The song kind of feels like the 70s in its sound and vibe, with a hint of pop. It’s a mediums paced sound and the soundscape is an alternative rock pop soundscape measured perfectly to fit the three different elements in a fabulous and balanced way. The overall sound of the song is hip, fresh and fun. It feels like a dose in the sun, although the lyrics may be taking sharp edges It also feels like a fantasy. The musical arrangement is dynamic with a lot of intense drum and backing violins. We also have many transitions from slow to fast and a very subtle base that spices up the song. A very retro feel, add this song for new inspiration to your ears