Franc O'cher

After more than 20 years of hiatus, Canadian singer/songwriter Franc O’cher is back in action! Released his single SO in 2022, and kick-started 2023 with Stars at Night, a well-written heart-hitting tune. Let me tell you about it. 

Franc O’cher opened Stars at Night with some welcoming guitar chords and arpeggios and warm keys, creating a bright mood that opens the listener’s mind and heart for the trip he’s about to take him/her on. O’cher softly shifts to a mellow verse with chill melodies that smoothly escalates into a bigger atmospheric uplifting chorus, his fluid writing style allowed him to move seamlessly through those progressions in a way that kept his fans entertained without losing the mood or compromising his flow. Stars at Night has a mood-lifting, dynamic structure with a subtle groove and beautiful organic progression with a deeply emotional layer.

I think Franc O’cher is on the right track to get back into the music business with full force, Stars at Night shows he is a seasoned song writer who knows his sound and direction very well. It has a mellow heartfelt sound with beautiful floating melodies that take over your senses. Looking forward to more from you Franc O’cher, cheers!