The Atomic Age’s “Staring at the Sun” is a hard-hitting reality wrapped in a lustrous sonic journey. It’s powerful both message-wise and musically, so you better be prepared for a dazzlingly shaky ride.

Hailing from Nashville is indie artist JJ Schrick, aka The Atomic Age, who definitely knows his onions! The witty musician combines an array of genres that blend seamlessly together and fit perfectly with his intoxicating vocals and introspective songwriting.

“Staring at the Sun” is a resonating auditory testimony of talent, boldness, and social and political awareness. The single smoothly conveys the verity of the dystopia we all live in and the fact that no matter how hard we try to condone what’s happening around us, at the end of the day, the darkness will get us. As JJ put it, “If we don’t begin to find common ground socially, politically, and culturally, things will be far worse for future generations.”

With Radiohead and The Beatles influences, you’ll hear a musicality that is both nostalgic and authentically futuristic. At first, it might sound like an ordinary Alt/Indie Rock song, but as it progresses, you’ll find yourself in awe of an extraordinary soundscape, with psychedelia and shoegaze adding an edgy flavor to the soothing mixture. The instrumentation alone is overwhelmingly moving and portrays the frustration and urging for a change in lyricism. You’ll find yourself instantly immersed in the delicate piano notes and on-point guitar riffs, wishing that this can be your theme song every time you’re pensively sitting in front of a splendid sun scene. Nevertheless, the vocals are the captain that steers all the elements and makes this adventure worthy! JJ has a dulcet vocal line that goes wild in the right moment and offers an intense delivery.

The sad thing about “Staring at the Sun” is how relatable it is; on the other hand, the good thing is enjoying quality music that brings the good rock era to life.