Ari Joshua’s RAAR Trio excels at delighting their fans. Fortunately, we had the honour of reviewing and interviewing this trio. And now, we’re back with another timeless rock hit, “Star Light Mountain.”

I am genuinely captivated by Ari Joshua’s guitar style. His melodic and emotive licks effortlessly engage any listener. Personally, ‘Star Light Mountain’ transports you back 30 years to the golden rock era, when music was exceptional and excitement filled the air, unlike the artificial digital world today. The seamless harmony between Ari’s guitar licks and the melodic vintage organ lines by Ray Paczkowski creates an iconic classic rock vibe. Adding to this impressive musical canvas, Josephine Howell’s soulful backing vocals, coupled with Russ Lawton’s dynamic drumming, all contribute to an outstanding and finely crafted piece.

Ari Joshua stands out as a highly active rock musician. He plans to release 24 singles in 2024, and I am eagerly anticipating each one. Among them, “Star Light Mountain” stands out as my favourite so far. The cohesion and chemistry within the band serve as a valuable lesson that the RAAR Trio imparts to new performers.

The mix aligns with roots rock bands like The Black Crowes, classic rock jam bands like Dead and Company, and The Trey Anastasio Band. If you struggle to find an original classic rock tune with a modern touch then you are going to add ‘Star Light Mountain’ to your collection with no doubt. Enjoy!